Sufjan Stevens – Arnika (629 plays)


sufjan stevens - arnika


no, i’m not afraid of death or strife or injury; 

accidents, they are my friends.

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Nicki Minaj – Anaconda [Trap Remix] (482,535 plays)



Nicki Minaj - Anaconda [StikShift Trap Remix]

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the Mountain Goats – Horseradish Road (219 plays)


horseradish road - the mountain goats

and the 12,000 dollars
that turned up in your purse
you’ve done something awful
i’ve done worse

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Taking Back Sunday – This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know) (1,683 plays)


Taking Back Sunday, This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)

You see, it’s never bad enough to just leave or give up
But, its never good enough to feel right 

Now I’m lying on the table with everything you said 
It will all catch up eventually 
Well, it caught up and honestly 
the weight of my decisions were impossible to hold 
But they were never yours

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Ciara – Oh (10,285 plays)


Ciara - Oh (Feat. Ludacris)

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Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son (35,233 plays)

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Anita Baker – Sweet Love (6,799 plays)

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Christina The Astonishing (19 plays)


nick cave and the bad seeds - christina the astonishing

David Bowie – I'm Waiting for the Man (408 plays)




I’m Waiting for the Man - David Bowie (Velvet Underground cover)