Xiu Xiu – Fast Car (2,569 plays)

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Told Slant – Pine Tree Lines (1,178 plays)


Told Slant - Pine Tree Lines

I am the girl my parents made 
why don’t you love me anyway 
because I love the way you take up space 

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i just wanna get high with my best friend

kiss her on the tongue just like i’m her boyfriend 

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Agnes Obel – Riverside (6,381 plays)


Agnes Obel-Riverside

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Unit 4 + 2 – Concrete and Clay (381 plays)


Unit 4 + 2 | Concrete and Clay

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Sufjan Stevens - “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

There is absolutely no reason for this to be on a Christmas album. None. It is a somber hymn about grace and faltering in one’s faith. Sure, I guess, it is about Jesus, but not His birth. There is also no reason for me to love this song as much as I do. I didn’t sing it when I was young, the way I did most other Christian songs I’m attached to. I think it’s the lines “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it / Prone to leave the God I love.” It’s such a powerful admission of frailty, and one of the voices in the mix breaks just a little as it’s sung, right in the reach to the first syllable of “wander.”

That’s the closest I can come to identifying exactly why I love this song, and I don’t think I did very well, but it was a worth a try.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Love Letter (1,161 plays)
Bon Iver – Heavenly Father (560 plays)


Heavenly Father by Bon Iver


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The National – Exile Vilify (26,749 plays)

Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?

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